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How to use RSS feeds?

I know how to use them....

right click on the rss image, and choosing "copy shortcut" and then pasting it to my yahoo or something else....

My question is that which sites provide services like my yahoo? is it just my yahoo which provides this service?

Tell me how to USE them?

How to use RSS feeds?
If you frequent Weblogs, you've seen the little XML icons inviting you to "syndicate this site", but what does that really mean? A long time ago, newspaper managers realized that if they could use articles and stories from other newspapers in their paper, they could garner more readers because they could cover a wider area than they could with just their own reporters. This is an example of how syndication can work in print.

Online, there are potentially millions of authors writing about millions of topics each day. It can be very difficult to keep track of without some type of automated system. And that's where RSS comes in. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an easy way for Web sites to share headlines and stories from other sites. Web surfers can use sophisticated news readers to surf these headlines using RSS aggregators.

A Brief History

RSS was first invented by Netscape, when they were trying to get into the portal business. They wanted an XML format (RSS .90) that would be easy for them to get news stories and information from other sites and have them automatically added to their site. They then came out with RSS .91 and dropped it when they decided to get out of the portal business.

UserLand Software picked up RSS .91 and continued to develop it, coming out with .92, .93, and .94. At the same time as UserLand, a non-commercial group picked up RSS and developed RSS 1.0 based on their interpretation of the original principles of RSS. They based RSS 1.0 on RDF and re-named it RDF Site Summary. UserLand was not happy with RSS 1.0, and continued development of their version of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), eventually releasing RSS 2.0.

Which One To Use - and Does It Matter?

For the purposes of this article, no it doesn't. If you were going to build your own aggregator or a program to read RSS feeds, you would care, but that's not the point of this article. For my purposes, I'm going to demonstrate RSS .91.

Here are the basics of RSS (no matter what the version) (view sample RSS -right click or click and hold to open in a new window):

It is XML. This means it must be well-formed, include a prolog and DTD, and all elements must be closed.

The first element in the document is the %26lt;rss%26gt; element. This includes a mandatory version attribute.

The next element is the %26lt;channel%26gt; element. This is the main container for all RSS data.

The %26lt;title%26gt; element is the title, either of the entire site (if it's at the top) or of the current item (if it's within an %26lt;item%26gt;).

The %26lt;link%26gt; element indicates the URL of the Web page that corresponds to the RSS feed, or if it's within an %26lt;item%26gt;, the URL to that item.

The %26lt;description%26gt; element describes the RSS feed or the item.

The %26lt;item%26gt; element is the meat of the feed. These are all the headlines (%26lt;title%26gt;), URLs (%26lt;link%26gt;) and descriptions that will be in your feed.

Using those basic elements, you can create an RSS feed of your site. But it could get very tedious to create that feed manually every time you update your site. The best way to create an RSS feed is to use a tool, such as a Weblog to create the headlines, links and descriptions for you automatically
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Help Needed For rss feeds please?

I have been trying for over three months to add RSS feeds on my YAHOO360 page,i simply cannot do it .Is there any one with enough patience out there willing to write it down STEP BY STEP PLEASEEEE.I would be ever so thankful if someone would .Thanking you in anticipation for same.

Help Needed For rss feeds please?
I stumbled upon what I believe may help you.

I know very little about RSS feeds, but I think the following may lead you to good help.

In summary: A lot of people are having the same problem.

Try the step by step help from the following blog, if you're still having problems, you should give feedback to the 360 team.


The following is duplicated from the 360 Forum:


Message #10771 of 10773

Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:13 pm

Re: My feeds changed order...why?

360 has been having problems withs RSS fees all year. I have one feed

that finally updated yesterday after nearly 3 months. One of my feeds

hasn't updated since 12/31/06 and one of my feeds doesn't have dates at

all. And now my Flickr photostream isn't updating at all. I also

haven't been able to change my fees for a monty.

It is a know issue that Yahoo has "been working on" for quite some time


--- In, "Maegan" %26lt;maeganr01@...%26gt; wrote:


%26gt; Yesterday, my feeds were in a different order than I entered them in

%26gt; (quite a while ago) and that they've always been in. Today, they're


%26gt; the same different order that they were in yesterday. Does anybody

%26gt; know why my feeds suddenly changed order?


%26gt; Maegan



%26gt; [Moderator's note: Yahoo 360 is experiencing trouble with the feeds.


%26gt; was told by a 360 Team member that this is a known problem that they

%26gt; are working on to correct]




The following is duplicated from the 360 Forum:


Message #10771 of 10773

Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:46 am

Re: [360-Forum] RSS Feeds

See this:

And if you still get that error message, send Beta Feedback.

Andrea %26lt;angerm1@...%26gt; wrote:

Why can't I post any RSS Feeds.. I have had no success in ever posting

a feed. What am I doing wrong? I keep on getting a message that says -

Cannot fetch feed! Please help! I see other members feeds working but

I have no luck. Thanks much!


What is behind RSS technology?

I am certified in XML, from that point wouldn't RSS (Really Simple Syndication) be a breeze?

A lot of people ask for this in job descriptions so it may be worth me doing an attempt at it?

What is behind RSS technology?
to my understanding you would simply make an xml page with the relevent dynamic data. That is it! Then an RSS reader will check your XML page to see if any of the fields have changed and report that back to the user who entered your URL into their RSS reader. The XML pages I have looked at (i never made one) look like very basic xml files. Look at the source on some RSS links you will figure it out fast. Also w3c schools has an allright section on it.
Reply:I've been writing RSS feeds since RSS was brand new!

The entire family is worth knowing (rss .90 -%26gt; atom 3). I woudn't hire a programmer who didn't know dozens of xml apps and formats!

What xml do you know?






there are more formats that I can shake a stick at. I learned most of them!

Is there any way to import RSS Feeds in to Wordpress posts (Nb:Not in the Sidebar but in the main page post)

How Can Import RSS feed in to my wordpress post . or is there any way to Display Rss feeds in Wordpress Posts ? so that so it will have automated content with a lot of pages . I Would apreciate if u proivde step by step Answer

I would appreciate if you can give a step by step detail of how do I work with it


Is there any way to import RSS Feeds in to Wordpress posts (Nb:Not in the Sidebar but in the main page post)
1. You have to have login to your Wordpress admin

2. Next go to Syndication and choose Syndication.

3. Then at the bottom you will see "add a new syndicate site" .

4. Enter in the new feed link. To get the link just go to the site that you want to get the feed link from, right click on the RSS logo and copy link location.

5. Then paste it in the add a "new syndicate site" box

6. Click Syndicate button.

7. WP will find the feed, add in the information about the site automatically.

Then go back up the top WP top menu bar and choose Syndication again.

2. Next choose Options.

3. Here you can set the options such as set "Check for New Posts" automatically and enter in value 1440 if you want it to check every 24 hours.

4. Then choose other options you want and save changes.

Can i add products from a RSS feed into the search engines i.e.: Google and have the RSS product Feed rank me?

will the product RSS feed actually promote my site into the sereach engines. how does google or other SE's collwect this date for SEO optimaztion

Can i add products from a RSS feed into the search engines i.e.: Google and have the RSS product Feed rank me?
Basically ranking is something that is influnced by many factors since you are taking about RSS that means you are aware of of its potential, some how fruggle can help you submitting and promoting your products online, try stores like Amazon and Ebay with targeted marketing schemes

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Tell me about RSS?

Ok, I understand that RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but that's about all. What are they for? Do I need a reader or does Internet Explorer 7 already have what I need?

If I need a reader, which ones do you suggest?

That, and any other information you have would be great.

Tell me about RSS?
ill give you an example of what rss looks like and is.

first go to and download this program: RSSReader3

then in that program press file, new, feed and put this address

basically what rss is , is the ability to automatically know about a current news, or any update done on a page by being alerted on a rss reader or have the ability to show that news on your webpage. a feed is created with xml you can find a feed maker online just do a google search.

How can I RSS my Geocities webpage: it won't take my URL"?

I have a website at I'd like to link my site to my blogsite, but the

RSS listing won't take. Do you know why?

How can I RSS my Geocities webpage: it won't take my URL"?
first you need to create a rss feed try

you cant link a web page to a rss feed but you can create a rss fed for a web page
Reply:Don't know.
Reply:Rss is a newsfeed. It is completely different from a webpage. You would have to create the Rss feeds in addition to your website. Go on Google to find out how to create Rss feeds.
Reply:RSS is not a way of linking websites, it's a way of categorizing updates, news posts, blog entries, etc. It's more of a way of keeping track of recent updates than a way of linking. Your Geocities is a regular website that doesn't need RSS (and doesn't support it either, because it doesn't make sense). Why don't you put a regular link?

Which way are you linking, and which is the "RSS listing" you refer to?

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